EYES (KB-35-104-005)

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The SDGs-EYES project delivers knowledge and data for monitoring UN SDGs based on a Copernicus-driven approach to build a portfolio of decision-making products in several pilots. One of the pilot areas is the Sahel, where already vulnerable countries and ecosystems are exposed to climate-related hazards and food security is at risk (SDG2). The area is facing increased desertification, significant warming and changes of precipitation patterns.


To anticipate changes ahead, it is essential to better understand links between the cumulated conditions from compound climate events and its consequences to food security and livelihoods. This is where Earth Observation (EO) data can provide high-value information. Together with identified stakeholders, the requirements for supporting data-products will be assessed. The pilot will correlate EO data (e.g. climate data, land cover maps, food security variables) with event datasets (e.g. migratory events, conflicts / crisis events) and socio-economic data to provide warning reports at regional scale. This can support adaptive measures to better prepare for risks of climate change. In workshops, data products will be evaluated and tested with stakeholders (e.g. FAO, AfriGEO, WFP, IOM, UNDP and national organisations).

Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/24


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