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Responsible life-sciences innovations for development in the digital age: Environmental Virtual Observatories for Connective Action (EVOCA) in crop, water, livestock and disease management

The programme will study how ICT based virtual platforms may be leveraged to address development challenges. A central assumption is that enhanced information exchange, participatory monitoring and integration of knowledge may alter the logic of decision-making in networks of inter-connected stakeholders (see Annex 2 for a Programme summary).
By applying responsible innovation concepts across different life-science domains, the EVOCA programme will generate a thorough understanding of the conditions for successful virtual platforms that enable participatory monitoring and effective action in development contexts. It will thereby make a major contribution to the combination of ICT-based participatory technologies and life-science knowledge, and to our understanding of how inclusive digital platforms can enable connective action for irrigation, livestock, crop and animal disease control and resource management strategies that effectively address rural development challenges.
The programme will work on several issues and in several African countries. We will develop and test virtual platforms in five case studies (see Annex 3 for short case study descriptions):
• Case 1: a crop and disease management expert system in potato production in Ethiopia;
• Case 2: water monitoring and irrigation management for food production in Ghana;
• Case 3: a malaria mosquito radar as a digital citizen science platform in Rwanda;
• Case 4: tick-borne disease and livestock-wildlife management in Kenya;
• Case 5: sustainable intensification of cocoa and food crop farming systems in Ghana.
Effective start/end date1/05/1531/12/21


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