Evaluatiemethodiek en monitoring (BO-20-017-005)

Project: EZproject

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In this project, a systematic collection protocol is developed for the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, in agreement with the EC-document Implementing Act on Monitoring and Evaluation of the CAP - For Horizontal Regulation. The EC wants to collect data on the payments under the First Pillar of the CAP and their effects on agriculture. The framework does not only focus on data collection on the level of measures but also on the effects on agriculture. The data collection includes impact, result, output and context indicators.

The subproject of Alterra aims to give insight how the HNV-indicator (result and effect) can be reported to the EC in a way that is as correct and efficient as possible. High Nature Value farmland (HNV farmland) is within the European agricultural and nature policies a recognised term for rural land with high nature values.

Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/14


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