Evaluatie van de ecosysteemdiensten van dak- en gevelgroen: wat is de (potentiële) impact op wijk/stadniveau? (KB-14-003-002)

Project: EZproject

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Urban green has a lot of benefits, the so-called ecosystem services (ESS). It strengthens the ecological quality within the city, it improves the quality of life, human health and the attractiveness of the city. The area available for green within the urban environment, however, is becoming increasingly limited. Large scale realisation of green roofs and walls therefore might be promising for climate adapted and resilient urban development.

Many of the benefits provided by green roofs and walls do not apply to individual buildings, but are effective on a larger area, for example the effects on local climate, water management or well-being of the inhabitants. For a good evaluation of the costs and benefits of green roofs and walls therefore it is important also to consider the effects on suburb and city scale.

In this project the potential benefits of green roofs and walls are assessed and if possible quantified by means of a meta-analysis of the available scientific literature. The emphasis in this is on the effects on suburb or city scale. The ESS of green roofs and walls also will be related to those produced by other types of green and an effort is done to identify the factors that determine the level of ESS production by the different types of urban green.

By increasing the understanding of the benefits of green roofs and walls, especially on a suburb and city level, the project wants to contribute to increased realisation of these types of green and ultimately a better exploitation of potential benefits of these types of urban infrastructure.

Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/14


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