European Forum for a Comprehensive Vision on Urban Agriculture

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    EFUA’s objectives are to unlock Urban Agriculture’s potential by achieving better knowledge, better deployment, and better policies in this field. By setting up an UA Forum it aims to develop a new level of stakeholder engagement to better inform decision making and turn Urban Agriculture into a European, regional and local policy domain. EFUA will contribute to the work programme by defining next practices and stakeholder based R&I programmes for Urban Agriculture and also by investigating its role as an innovator in the agricultural and food sector and the urban bioeconomy.UA is a thriving subject, globally, but has not made its way into European policies due to barriers resulting from gaps in both knowledge and advocacy. EFUA will overcome these barriers by establishing the UA Forum, thereby allowing a new level of stakeholder engagement, co-building of knowledge, better deployment and specifically targeted policies.The UA Forum is set up following a quad helix approach and as durable format to ensure ongoing networking in Urban Agriculture and to give European policies a partner to better support UA in the long term. EFUA’s workflow is organized in three loops culminating in 3 public conferences and the co-design of a UA vision. EFUA’s work is facilitated by the UA platform offering various tools for engaging stakeholders and co-building of knowledge together with the UA Forum, but also for communication and dissemination. Special networking methods are used to access cutting edge knowledge from R&I projects to define next practice of Urban Agriculture.Benefits of Urban Agriculture and recommendations for action are targeted to European policy makers thereby supporting various agendas and programs. Impact is increased by target audience oriented communication, making use of excellent dissemination channels. Impact is sustained by perpetuating the UA Forum’s work.
    Effective start/end date1/11/2031/10/24


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