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    In European robotics, ECHORD has successfully achieved integration on a large scale between industry and research that had never been done before. Capitalising on the major impact of ECHORD, the successor project ECHORD\\ (or E\\), will create new opportunities for European robotics researchers to work directly with SME/start-ups and new users/customers to create innovative markets.<br/>E\\ will continue ECHORD''s two pillars, ''experiments'' and ''structured dialogue'', taking advantage of experience and investment in the infrastructure. But E\\ will add another unique dimension: not only will we encourage ReIO and RoM to work together, but robot system customers and users will be involved – connecting the suppliers directly with the market. To this end, there are two innovative new pillars: the Pre-Commercial-Procurement Pilots (PCPP) and the Knowledge and Innovation Centers (KIC). The PCPP will enable public procurers to become demanding buyers of new R&D. The complete PCP process will encompass robotics R&D for the first time, resulting in, demonstrable prototypes that can be evaluated together with the process at the end. The KICs are open experimental facilities that will that allow new robot customers and users to interact with roboticists with no entrance barrier and at very low cost so that new communities can form – and radically new ideas can take shape. E\\''s scientific work is structured in scenarios and research foci, directly derived from the SRA. They help steer the coordination between the experiments, KICs and PCPP to avoid unnecessary parallel work.<br/>E\\''s implementation concept combines a team of excellent institutions with top-level researchers and the proven IT-backed processes. This will include highly effective quality management and monitoring.<br/>E\\'' impact strategy is geared towards integration of stakeholder cooperation, SMEs, start-up sup-port and creating new markets – ideally producing the next disruptive technologies.
    AcronymECHORD Plus Plus
    Effective start/end date1/10/1330/09/18


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