EU23038 NBRACER Nature Based Solutions for Atlantic Regional Climate Resilience (KB-50-003-019)

Project: LNV project

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The NBRACER project is part of the European "Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change," aimed at enhancing the resilience of EU regions to climate change. NBRACER contributes by testing, experimenting, and learning from the transformative system approach to implement Nature-Based Solutions for urban, rural, and coastal systems in the biogeographic region of the Atlantic: the entire Atlantic coastal area with the hinterlands from North Denmark to South Portugal. This transformative system approach will lead to a significant acceleration, further development, and scaling up of innovative Nature-Based Solutions into Demonstrators.

Key activities include:

  1. Engaging stakeholders, co-designing, securing funding, and governance of Nature-Based Solutions to enhance societal transformative capacity.
  2. Compiling a portfolio of Nature-Based Solutions for urban, rural, and coastal systems, tailored to the regions and specific landscape units of the Atlantic biogeographic region. Demonstrating, substantiating, and expanding Nature-Based Solutions, along with the necessary and appropriate governance and financing models.

NBRACER conducts Nature-Based Solution pilots in five Atlantic Demonstrator regions: Lemvig (Midtjylland) (Denmark), Metropolitan area Porto (Portugal), Cantabria (Spain), Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France), and East Flanders (Belgium). In three Replicator regions, which are not as advanced in their adaptation policies and implementation of Nature-Based Solutions, the portfolio and insights are independently applied: Friesland province (Netherlands), East Flanders (Belgium), and Cavado (Portugal). Within the Replicator regions, the portfolio and system approach for Nature-Based Solutions are validated for usability and scalability.

Scope for the Netherlands:

NBRACER focuses on the Atlantic region, coastal areas, delta regions, and the heavily urbanized and intensively cultivated hinterland. The Nature-Based Solutions and system approach will therefore be of significant value for an integrated area-based approach to climate resilience in the Netherlands, both in urban, coastal, and rural areas (NAS, NPLG, Urbanization Strategy, Soil-Water-Guiding, Action Program Climate Adaptive Agriculture).

Effective start/end date1/01/2431/12/24


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