EU23027 CLEVERFOOD (BO-61-101-013)

Project: LNV project

Project Details


The project will implement activities with Dutch innovation hubs (including WEF Food Valley NL), startup incubators (e.g. STARTLIFE) and innovation platforms on protein transition. Through policy and city labs, innovation schools and education networks, stakeholder in Netherlands will benefit from the collaboration methods and insights from CLEVERFOOD. CLEVERFOOD will inject resources into expanding the depth and reach of the Sustainable Food Systems network of food system scientists and practitioners - the network was initiated in predeccor project Fit4Food2030. The project will contribute to strategies and consortium formation for EU and Dutch R&I activities under the European Partnership on Sustainable Food Systems for People, Planet & Climate. 

Additional contributions from CLEVERFOOD are related to the emphasis on knowledge sharing, communication and education activities. This supports innovative forms of organisation and cooperation between new food system actors in research & innovation including science museum and social media influencers. A comprehensive mapping of education pathways for youth and adolescents (universities and applied universities, secondary and primary schools) on food systems transition will indicate new opportunities to develop Green and Food knowledge centres into integrated knowledge/innovation and education systems.

The main added value of WUR’s activities in the project is the knowledge that is gained in the area of a transition in funding arrangements: the research provides insight into options for private funding to support radical FS innovation in Europe; good practices of end-users in business in engaging with impact investors for FS innovations targeting chefs and gastronomy innovators, ii) farmers and farmer advisors, iii) producers and retailers of plant-based food, and iv) urban and rural property developers.

Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/26