EU Collab4Safety (KB-23-002-012, KB-15-005-008)

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Within the European Research Area, and within   similar programmes elsewhere in the world, a huge amount of data is generated   that could help policy makers and industry to deal successfully with the   challenges associated with food safety. High quality research and innovation   are prerequisites for improving the quality of life, enhancing social welfare   and boosting economic competitiveness. Broader and more inclusive   internationally cooperation on food safety than is currently in operation   will lead to more efficient use of research funds, sharing of best practices   and a durable partnership with the EUs major food trading partners (being   Latin-America (Brazil, Argentina), US and China).


The objectives and activities proposed by   Collab4Safety will contribute to an increased cooperation and coordination on   food safety (e.g. research, policies and training) on global level and   consequently will contribute to improving quality of life, enhancing social   welfare and boosting the economic competitiveness of the European food   industry.


Collab4Safety will conduct the following activities:

  •   Global mapping of   food safety by means of a well-established and tested Delphi method. This   investigation will identify gaps in current knowledge, and map global   interests in food safety research. In addition, existing training and   capacity building requirements will be identified, together with   identification of policy gaps at a global level.
  •   Develop a global   stakeholders database and that will be used to ensure relevant stakeholders   are interested and engaged in the projects activities and objectives. In   addition, tools will be developed to inform stakeholders about relevant   on-going activities elsewhere in the world (via the Food Safety Portal) and   to raise the general awareness of the project (via website, leaflets, social   media, etc.)
  •   Develop a policy   position paper detailing research needs in the area of global food safety,   integrating information across emerging science requirements, capacity and   capability building internationally, and regulation
Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/17

Research Output

Drivers of existing and emerging food safety risks: Expert opinion regarding multiple impacts

Kendall, H., Kaptan, G., Stewart, G., Grainger, M., Kuznesof, S., Naughton, P., Clark, B., Hubbard, C., Raley, M., Marvin, H. J. P. & Frewer, L. J., 1 Aug 2018, In : Food Control. 90, p. 440-458

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