Environmental impacts of multiple use options for reuse of obsolete oil and gas platforms in the North Sea (KB-24-003-018)

Project: EZproject

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Now that gas reserves at the North Sea become
depleted, discussion has started about the abandonment and the possibilities
for re-use of (parts of) platforms. The complete removal of platform structures
is expensive and results in a loss of infrastructure. “Rigs-to-Reefs” studies,
applying a “Building with Nature”-approach, have shown that the foundations of
platforms contribute to biodiversity, although its value for nature is under
discussion. Other possible (multiple-)use functions include the re-introduction
of flat oysters, aquaculture (seaweed, “kabeljauw-hotel”, mussels), fisheries (passive
nets/cages, recreational fisheries), breeding habitat for seabirds, and
research platform for online monitoring of (a)biotic parameters. This research provides
an assessment of the potential ecological and environmental benefits and
constrains of these possibilities and their interacting effects on the basis of
available information. The results of the research will be described manuscript
that will be submitted to a reputable scientific journal and summaries will be
sent to (social) media and relevant trade journals. Additional products,
including a flyer, webpage and power point presentation, are also envisaged.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17


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