Empowering consumers to PREVENT diet-related diseases through OMICS sciences

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    PREVENTOMICS builds a new paradigm in preventive personalised nutrition based on the potential of omics, especially metabolomics, accessible for everyone.The novelty relies on a new integration of genetic, nutritional and psychological factors and the application of state of the art metabolomics technologies and computational modelling of the metabolome, to assess the real incidence of disease-inducing factors on the organism, translating this information into personalized dietetic advice for the user, levering on ICT technologies. The main outcome from PREVENTOMICS is a novel mFood Platform, a unique-in-its-kind service, interoperable with current existing Apps for monitoring health status and with personalized nutrition software, thus opening the door to the personalization of any type of health treatment where combinations of genetic, biological, nutritional and psychological factors are important. PREVENTOMICS will be validated in 3 different case scenarios, performing relevant interventional studies with healthy and obese volunteers, to demonstrate its potential for personalization of nutrition at the 3 levels of the food value chain (processing and distribution, marketing and consuming), those closest to the end-users/consumers. Maximum impact will be ensured through well-balanced dissemination, standardarisation, communication and by the exploitation of the mFood platform, the menu recommendations, the personalised food elaboration and delivery, the food ingredients for personalised food and the personalised food shopping offer available for personal self-care and for professional services.
    Effective start/end date1/11/1830/04/22


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