DZK, Management of change (BO-23.02-002-006, BO-12.06-002-027)

Project: EZproject

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DZK: Management of change: view on the process and performance.
This project involves two main components: Monitoring (sector reporting) and Management of Change.
The monitoring project in 2013 describes the goals formulated by the Sustainable Dairy Chain and the indicators chosen to monitor progress. It also describes the extent to which the goals of the Sustainable Dairy Chain were achieved in the year 2012. This report is based on various sources, including the LEI data network.

Management of Change is based on research among dairy farmers and workshops with dairy processors on the development and implementation of sustainability programs. Based on this research, recommendations will be given to the steering committee of Sustainable Dairy Chain.

Effective start/end date1/06/1231/12/16