Dynamic Molecular Nanostructures

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    The ITN DYNAMOL will establish a powerful new approach for the preparation of nanostructures based on dynamic covalent chemistry. This approach combines the advantages of covalent synthesis (robustness of bonds) with those of non-covalent synthesis (error correction, responsiveness) without any of the disadvantages. It therefore has the potential to provide unique solutions for several important challenges in the preparation of nanostructures that still need to be addressed. The ITN unites most European leading academic experts in the area of dynamic covalent chemistry with partners from the industrial sector. Expertise of all partners encompasses the areas of supramolecular chemistry and dynamic covalent chemistry, but individual research competences are quite diverse focussing on molecularly defined nanostructures, analysis of nanostructures, and novel applications. The complementarity and diversity thus realised is crucial for successful research and training in this area. Moreover, the two full partners from the private sector, both representing small and medium-sized enterprises, and the two associated partners, one a major chemical company, will have the critical role to bridge fundamental science with application and commercialisation of the results. The objectives of the network will be achieved by recruiting 11 early stage researchers and 1 experienced researcher. A mobility program will allow the researchers to spend time in the various laboratories of the network, thus facilitating sharing of resources and expertise. Local training at the host institutions will be supplemented by a training programme containing various elements such as biannual workshops and a summer school with the participation of experts from outside the network to realise efficient exchange of information and transfer of knowledge. The ITN thus combines world-class research with a unique education to strengthen Europe’s prominence in the timely field of nanoscience.
    Effective start/end date1/11/1031/10/14


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