Duurzame Bij (BO-20-003.02-002, BO-20-003-023)

Project: EZproject

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Within this project (BO-20-003-023) we explored in 2014 which initiatives exist nationally and internationally that aim at resilient bees; what progress occurs within these initiatives and what the gaps are. Within this project (BO-20-003-023) we wrote in 2015 a knowledge agenda containing the required research to achieve resilient honey bees in the future. This agenda was based on the report resilient  honey bees and at an international workshop resilient honey bees, which we organized in Nov 2015. Within this project (BO-20-003.02-002) we aim in 2016 to A) asses the feasibility and applicability for the upscaling of the current resilient bees into practice, and to B) give the knowledge agenda more cachet internationally by means of writing a publication based on the agenda written in Dec 2015.

Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/17