Drought-tolerant yielding plants

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    • A multi-site experiment in a network of European fields for assessing the maize yield response to environmental scenarios

      Millet, E. J. (Creator), Pommier, C. (Creator), Buy, M. (Creator), Nagel, A. (Creator), Kruijer, W. (Creator), Welz-Bolduan, T. (Creator), Lopez, J. (Creator), Richard, C. (Creator), Racz, F. (Creator), Tanzi, F. (Creator), Spitkot, T. (Creator), Canè, M. (Creator), Negro, S. S. (Creator), Coupel-Ledru, A. (Creator), Nicolas, S. (Creator), Palaffre, C. (Creator), Bauland, C. (Creator), Praud, S. (Creator), Ranc, N. (Creator), Presterl, T. (Creator), Bedo, Z. (Creator), Tuberosa, R. (Creator), Usadel, B. (Creator), Charcosset, A. (Creator), van Eeuwijk, F. (Creator), Draye, X. (Creator), Tardieu, F. (Creator) & Welcker, C. (Creator), INRA, 27 Mar 2019