DFI-KB-19001 Assessment of responsible choices for healthy and safe food (KB-37-001-008)

Project: LNV project

Project Details


The overall aim of this strategic project is to develop a tool that assists industry in decision making processes for production of healthy and safe food by linking health, food safety (both chemical and microbiological) and shelf life (physical, chemical and microbiological effects).

This requires a science-based evaluation of known or potential adverse/beneficial effects on safety, quality and human health effects related to exposure to specific component in the diet. In a Risk-Benefit Assessment, the risk and benefits of changes in food production and food habits will be assessed scientifically and objectively via an integrative, multi-criteria, objective methodology.


With this tool, industries can be assisted in developing new processes, formulations and preservation strategies for healthy and safe food products. Moreover, this tool will also identify the research gaps in this field and the potential challenges towards a more healthy diet.


Scope of the project:

  • All activities in this project will be based on existing knowledge/guidelines regarding bioavailability and desired levels of nutrients, i.e., no new (health) claims will be developed.
  • Dietary advice from Voedingscentrum and/or Gezondheidsraad is leading in this project.
  • The role of Wageningen Research is to provide scientific knowledge to feed public discussions or for example Code of Practice.
  • Focus on societal relevant changes in food and food production, like protein transition towards a more plant based diet and reformulation towards healthier food (more fibres, less sugars, salt).
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/21