Development of the fish supply and value chains in Ethiopia and Ruanda (BO-20-007.01-008, BO-10-020-004)

  • Spliethoff, Petra (Project Leader)

Project: EZproject

Project Details



To implement a plan of action- parallel to investments for improved fish processing , storage and distribution -  for strengthening the capacity of the artisanal fisheries sector in Ethiopia to adjust and expand the organisation and management of a market led fish production- collection- processing- storage trajectory and to establish a viable and sustainable value chain for human consumption and a reliable supply chain for the animal feed industries. 



Institutions/ organisations and private sector in fish production/ marketing, will shape sufficient opportunities for enhanced fish production, marketing and food security for Ruanda and will indicate the possibilities for meaningful support and technical assistance by Dutch parties.

Recommendations on the support needed for the realisation of the master plan for fisheries and aquaculture development will be further explored and interpreted in terms of concrete activities.  


Effective start/end date7/05/1231/12/13