Development of nanosensors for the detection of quality parameters along the food chain

    Project: EU research project

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    In NANODETECT, the nanoreaction technology will be used to develop on-line and off-line monitoring systems (sensors) which combine the expertise of sensitive molecular biological processes with the potency of nanotechnology for application in liquid process food streams. The nanosensors will interact with information technology tools and thus contribute to improved quality control systems within small and large industries. The partners have chosen milk as example process stream because it is subject to different contaminations of which the following were chosen as models: Pathogenic microorganisms (e.g. Listeria monocytogenes), Mycotoxins (e.g. Aflatoxin M1), Drug residues (e.g. sulphonamides) and Fraud (e.g. high value goat milk blended with cow milk). The nanosensors will work on different types of immunoassays, depending on the application. Single modules will be developed for the detection and quantification of specific contaminants which can be combined according to user’s requirements. It is planned to develop on-line systems with suitable software and automated decision support systems (DSS) for large industries as well as bench top and or handheld devices for small companies with flexible production units. Up to now, there is no technology available for the rapid, in-situ recognition and quantification of unwanted substances in liquid process streams. The device includes a dedicated nanosystem for sample preparation that allows the passage of each molecule of the process stream and associated immuno-assays for the direct quantification of the contaminants in the process stream. The novel sensor will comprise activated nanostructures and innovative techniques for a specific concentration within sample preparation and analysis, respectively. This innovative technology features advantages such as significantly lower costs, high conversion rates, direct quantification, and to be realized as in-line as well as bench top and or handheld device.
    Effective start/end date1/09/0829/02/12