Developing assessment models for elasmobranchs (KB-36-002-037)

Project: EZproject

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Most elasmobranch stocks in the North Sea are classified as category 3 stocks, i.e. ICES advice is based on an indicative trend of available survey data. Such assessments lack information on the status of the stock in relation to reference points. However, there is a growing need to provide information on stock status in relation to MSY. In recent years, several data-poor assessment methods have been explored for elasmobranchs. While these methods produced promising results, these have not been fully accepted (or benchmarked) for elasmobranch stocks as these require adjustments to account for their specific life history and fisheries dynamics. Given a benchmark for 3 stocks assessed by the Netherlands, this project will aim to further develop assessment models to provide advice having reference points to infer the stock status for elasmobranch stocks. In addition, based on WKSKATE recommendations, the project will  develop approaches in terms of raising survey data to swept area estimates for elasmobranchs and derive confidence intervals of annual indices when combining multiple surveys.

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


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