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During the DaVinc3i project a valuable community has been formed. Among stakeholders in the chain awareness has grown that the Dutch Floriculture has to come to terms with changes as Virtualization and Internationalisation. The concerned businesses have asked to further build the community and specify strategies. This led to a proposal for a restart: DaVinc3i Community. The main target is further enhancing the DaVinc3i Community and implementing knowledge about quality-controlled chains in the floriculture sector. This should reinforce the Netherlands as a virtual control centre for trade and logistic coordination. The project takes an action-oriented approach with regard to networking activities, interaction with businesses and meetings for knowledge exchange and agenda setting. Here we translate the concept of quality controlled logistics into possible scenarios for organizing the virtualised supply chain. This requires a mind shift among stakeholders. To bring about this mind shift a serious game Quality Controlled Logistics will be developed. In it, participants can simulate the effects of techniques, management and forms of cooperation in their own company. Moreover we will analyse how we can effectively formalize the social innovation process to quality controlled horticulture chains so sustainable behaviour change comes into effect. Last but not least we will use practice driven student assignments in companies to further strengthen the community and to bring about specific improvements in these companies.
Effective start/end date1/11/1531/05/19


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