Crop diversity and biodiversity

Project: PhD

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Biodiversity is under pressure. One of the key factors impacting biodiversity is agriculture, while at the same time agriculture is dependent on essential biodiversity-based ecosystem services. It is hypothesized that spatial crop heterogeneity significantly supports farmland biodiversity. While positive effects of spatial crop heterogeneity on yield, presence of pollinators, weed suppression and pest suppression have been reported, the relationship with the composition of agricultural food webs is still largely unexplored. This PhD thesis explores to what extent spatial crop heterogeneity - and specifically the practice of strip cropping -, contributes to restoring farmland biodiversity. We will investigate how strip cropping supports arable food webs, including the higher trophic levels, such as arable birds, small mammals and rare species associated with the Dutch agricultural arable landscape.
Effective start/end date1/05/19 → …


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