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As subcontractor and participant in the proposed project by the Center for Research on Environmental Decision, CRED (Solicitation NSF-DMUU), Dr. Handgraaf will devote at least one month (paid) per year to various lab and field studies in the Netherlands and USA. Responsibilities include the following:

1. Direction and oversight of lab and field studies in the Netherlands and USA (with Anouk Griffioen, Lieke Dreijerink and Galen Treuer);
2. Supervision and training of a doctoral students including guidance in data analysis and drafting of pertinent articles; supervision of undergraduate research assistants;
3. Design and implement lab and web-based studies of different features of environmental decision making;
4. Design and implement field tests of promising combinations of design options in real world settings;
5. Advise field researchers on use of psychological theories and methods in field projects;
6. Travel to selected field sites as appropriate;
7. Attending annual meetings and workshops at Columbia University in New York;
8. Draft papers for publication;
9. Present research results at professional conferences;
10. Actively engage in outreach activities such as dissemination of research insights to a broad audiences including stakeholders and the general public.
Effective start/end date1/09/111/09/17