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Digital Twins are computational representations of both living and non-living objects or processes. Sensors, new sensing techniques and the integrated analysis of data enable digital twin building. Digital twins can be used to describe, analyse and simulate current and future states of and interventions in these objects, using data integration, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They offer enormous opportunities for (scientific) breakthroughs in agriculture and life sciences. 

Digital technologies are transforming society in an unprecedented way. It is one of the great questions of our time how this will impact the quality of our lives in the near and far future. Digital twins offer a great opportunity to explore this transformation since they can show us the latest most complex possibilities of digital technology. 

The Digital Twins Investment programme has the ambition to develop a number of Flagships with an emphasis on methodology development and social inclusiveness of the digital twin. A flagship Digital Twin will be used to visualize and explore the possibilities and consequences of digital technology, in interaction with internal and external experts and stakeholders. The unique added value of this investment theme lies in the  multi-disciplinarity of the knowledge domains and the interlinkages of the different aggregation levels to create a synergetic, more holistic version of a digital copy of reality.

Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/21