Coordination KB Metropolitan Solutions WR-thema (KB-25-007-001, KB-25-005-004)

Project: LNV project

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In a One-Wageningen approach we stimulate and support the cooperation between science groups. This demands linking persons and workproposals, shared development of a common vision, exchange of data and knowledge. It also includes the development of a joint business proposition. Among research institutes and between research institutes and chair groups consultations on cooperation and new themes takes place, in view of more knowledge and application to solve metropolitan issues in cooperation with urban actors.

Secondly, the relations with urban actors are initiated or developed. Also PR activities and communication via newspapers,websites and blogs is organized.

International actions exists among others in the participation in the Habitat III conference inorder to promote our knowledge and research in the domain of sustainable and liveable cities. Two coordinators participate in the Quito conference with an exhibition.

Contacts with urban actors are developed further: companies, topsectors, NGOs, local, regional, national and international authoriies or working groups. Articulation of the demand is central in these contacts, in order to strengthen the demand driven research approach.

Reporting activities towards the board of directors of Wageningen University and Research and the Ministry is also part of the work of the coordinators. The project entails also the participation in the regular WUR cross cutting coordinators meetings. There the wish is to communicate and cooperate with other program coordinators. In addition, the coordination includes financial and administrative management of the finances of the program. It also included steering the project leaders. This project form a whole with the coordination project funded with the Investeringsthema finances.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18


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