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Valorizing this potential requires to strategically invest in new knowledge, but also to develop competences and skills of people working with Big Data. The strategic theme Big Data, Technologies and Methodologies aims to counter the challenges and realize the opportunities by enabling the transformation of life-science research to a big data reality. This implies that within the next decade to understand how we can optimize the potential of working with Big Data for the agri & food sector and develop new knowledge and innovative solutions based on Big Data that will bring the Dutch agro & food sector competitive advantages. We therefore need to focus on elements in the variety and value aspects of Big Data that directly need our fields of expertise to tackle the challenges in the Agri & Food domain. Wageningen UR aims to be data-intensive ready: big amounts of data will no longer be a challenge, but a strength of Wageningen UR. Wageningen UR has to be  a leading institution on deployment of Big Data techniques for the agri & food sector and the life sciences.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17