Consumer preferences and choice of healthy and sustainable food, including IT-supported consumer food choice

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Climate change and obesity are considered two of today’s most pressing issues, which require the adoption of a healthy diet that is also ecologically friendly. As such, research on how to increase both healthy and sustainable food consumption has become increasingly important. I aim to contribute to this topic by better understanding consumer preferences and food choices. Consumers make decisions every day about the food they purchase which gives them great power to reshape the way we produce, process, transport, and use food. Thus, it is valuable to study issues related to sustainable and healthy food consumption from a consumer perspective. Consequently, understanding consumer behavior and the effect of information provision, environmental and social factors on food choice is of vital importance to food policy, food marketing, and new product development. Additionally, the growth in the use of information technology (IT) by consumers and the increase in online grocery shopping offers opportunities for technology-based interventions and E-marketing tools to guide consumers to make healthier and more sustainable food choices. Research on how to effectively use IT-tools to guide consumers is valuable for food marketers and policy makers.
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