Consumentgebaseerde verdienmodellen (KB-16-003.03-001)

Project: EZproject

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Research of Marleen Onwezen: 3 Studies are conducted that show that pride and guilt make you more environmentally friendly. The paper is submitted to Journal of Environmental Psychology. In a second part research a theoretical framework is formulated and used to define and measure  social valuation of the Agro Food sector. The third part research has made progress in the insights around consumer communication of sustainability direction.

The Connect4Action Stakeholder forum has been developed ( and LinkedIn group of Connenct4Action was started. Both communities ensure the stakeholder engagement and have been further elaborated and expanded to include new members. Then there is a communication strategy developed to the communication on the basis of the results of the research. Based on the results from the literature review, delphi method and it developed framework are statements and discussion points formulated and discussed within the two groups. To the community and LinkedIn group are submitted this statement and discussion points. This provided an interaction between the audience and researchers. The experiences are reflected in the various reports as a concise review of the results.

Food4Me: In 2012 (the nine arche types of business models for personalised nutrition) business model concepts to consumers has been submitted for review. Questionnaire and stimulus material are pretested at research firm GfK, after which they are adapted. At this moment the quantitative pretest under 200 respondents in NL and UK. In October, the large data collection will start in 8 different European countries, namely Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Germany and Norway, among a sample of 1,000 consumers in each country. Also, a research article based on conditionally accepted at a scientific journal (Public Health Genomics).


Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/14