Comparative Genomics and Trait Evolution of Lettuce Wild Relatives

Project: PhD

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This PhD project aims to establish robust comparative genomics of cultivated lettuce with its wild relatives for trait and gene discovery, which will benefit lettuce breeding. Lettuce breeding faces many challenges related to pathogen resistance and climate change, for which wild relatives provide essential diversity. By combining the genomic data and advanced bioinformatics tools, precisely: (1) annotate and analyze the L. saligna (a source of non-host resistance) genome assembly and discover the diversity of additional lines from resequencing data; (2) annotate and analyze the L. virosa (a source of resistance to whiteflies and for drought tolerance) genome assembly and explore the diversity of additional lines from resequencing data; (3) identify critical non-host resistance genes from L. saligna using transcriptomics and validate by further biology experiment (4) establish a comparative genomics framework for Lactuca species and all other sequenced Asteraceae.
Effective start/end date23/10/1728/03/23


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