Comparative and functional genomics of the general stress response in genus Bacillus.

Project: PhD

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Objectives: (1) To perform an extensive comparative genomics study of the SigB operon and regulon in the genus Bacillus using newly available genomes sequences from wild isolates; (2) To correlate genotypic differences with altered SigB activity and stress tolerance phenotypes via Reverse-Transcription Quantitative Real Time PCR (RT-qPCR) or SigB reporters; (3) To perform proteomic comparisons on wild isolates with altered stress responses (selected based on the outcome of 1 &2); (4) To evaluate a potential relationship between toxin synthesis in response to SigB activation Expected Results: (1) A model describing the evolution of the general stress response within the Bacillus genus and definition of the Bacillus core SigB regulon members; (2) An understanding of how genetic changes in the SigB regulon influence the sensory properties and ultimately phenotype of the organism; (3) Identification of potential novel SigB positive and negative regulator(s) and other novel protein(s) that is/are involved in the general stress sensing pathway(s); (4) An understanding of the direct or indirect influence of SigB activation to toxins synthesis in B. subtilis, B. cereus and B. licheniformis.
Effective start/end date1/12/1725/10/22


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