Chain Elongation from Biodegradable Plastics to valuable chemicals

Project: PhD

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Current fossil based plastic production, poor plastic recyclability and invalid waste management take a great threat on the environment and human health. Biobased plastics are already replacing fossil-based plastic in increased amounts. About 50% of the biobased plastics are made of biodegradable polymers like starch or polylactic acid (PLA). The aim of this project is to identify the feasibility of medium-chain carboxylic acids (MCCAs) and other valuable biochemicals production from PLA by anaerobic fermentation under parameters promotion (such as temperature, pH, and particle sizes, etc). The challenge is to develop a stable and cost-effective fermentation & recovery process that can promote recovery of emerging biodegradable plastics part of various waste stream.
Effective start/end date1/11/21 → …


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