Bringing added value to agriculture and forest sectors by closing the research and innovation divide

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    AGRIFORVALOR will close the research and innovation divide by connecting practitioners from agriculture and forestry to research and academia as well as with associations and clusters, bio -industry, policy makers; business support organisations, innovation agencies and technology transfer intermediaries in multi-actor innovation partnership networks. Theses networks will be managed by three Biomass Innovation Design Hubs, piloted in Andalucia, Hungary and Ireland. In each of these hubs, existing research results and good practices on valorization of biomass sidestreams from agro and forest will be shared and matched with the specific needs and potentials; new grass-roots ideas collected and developed; and dedicated innovation support applied to further deploy selected topics which are dealt with by multi-actor innovation partnership groups. Here, practical support in the exploitation of promising research results is complemented by assistance in business (model) development - with a tailored mix of innovation support measures offered to individual subjects. Tailor-made innovation support tools and materials will thus be developed in line with the identified needs of forestry and agriculture. In each hub, Steering Committees consisting of experts on exploitation and business development will be set-up to monitor and consult the conceptualization and implementation of the trainings and support measures. Project results and experiences will be translated into recommendations for a more demand-driven research agenda as well as long-term end-user materials to feed into the EIP-AGRI. AGRIFORVALOR thus delivers as mediator and facilitator new commercial opportunities for the agriculture and forest sector in Europe to become active partner in the sidestream biomass value chain.
    Effective start/end date1/03/1631/08/18


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