Borgingssysteem brongerichte maatregelen (BO-43-105-006)

Project: EZproject

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In order to increase the speed of innovation, accelerate market implementation and achieve societal goals, a transition to a system based on measured emissions from the stable (from means-based to target-based regulations) is recommended. However, a set of instruments for this new system has been lacking. Such a set of instruments must not only be developed, but must also be safeguarded and incorporated into the regulations in such a way that this system is sustainable from a technical, organisational, legal and enforcement point of view. This proposal focuses more on setting up certification systems to implement the agreed climate target measures in practice, whereby the effectiveness of the measures is guaranteed. An important starting point is to develop the assurance system under practical conditions which are representative of pig farming. Four practical farms will be involved in the project as pilot farms. 

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24


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