Bodemvruchtbaarheid (BO-43-003.01-003, BO-20-007-304, BO-20-007.01-033)

Project: LNV project

Project Details


FGI wants to stimulate the use of compost by small holder farmers as part of Integrated Soil Fertility Management (IFSM). We will do this by trying to bring together organic waste material and farmers. In 2019 the focus was on what incentives are needed to make farmers use IFSM. Therefore we did research (literature, interviews) and we evaluated the 8 steps within FGI. We also looked into the work of international networks that stimulate IFSM in Sub Saharan Africa and the benefits of these networks.

The FGI results will be presented and discussed in a bigger event spring 2020 in the Netherlands.

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/19