Blockchains FBR (KB-27-003-010)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


This project aims to investigate the potential contribution of blockchain technology to the transparency of agrifood chains. More transparency can lead to flexibility, shortening and higher efficiency of chains and networks in the agrifood sector. This has several effects: value retention in the chain (reducing waste streams), a better distribution of economic returns between chain partners, better use of resources (transport, energy), and a decreasing environmental impact. The underlying assumption is that a better view of the status (and thus value) of a product and on chain conditions gives opportunities to control and optimize the chain. For example, profit can be achieved by effective cooling, smart ordering, organizing return flows, designing new chains. This calls for precision chains, and therefore for high-quality chain information.

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology with potentially large effects on agrifood chains. We expect that chains in which the intermediaries deliver little added value and only more costs, will change drastically. This proposition is interesting for international chains. Especially retailers, importers and retailers can benefit from the mentioned technology. Here we expect a multiplier effect.

There are currently several parties offering complete ICT solutions based on blockchains. This allows data and transactions to be recorded invariably without the intervention of a trusted third party. The problem remains that the meaning of the recorded information is not clearly defined. Given the knowledge and experience of WFBR in terms of giving meaning to data, we focus on organizing semantically rich data in blockchains. The research question of this project is as follows: Can semantic blockchain technology reliably capture high-quality data in favour of optimally functioning agrifood chains?

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18