Biocommodity refinery

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    BIOCORE will create and demonstrate create a lignocellulosic biorefinery for sustainable processing of agricultural residues (wheat and rice straws), SRC wood (poplar) and hardwood forestry residues, into 2G biofuels, bulk chemicals, polymers, speciality molecules, heat and power. To reach this overall objective, BIOCORE will: 1) Describe how a mixed lignocellulosic feedstock-based biorefinery can be supplied with biomass, taking into account biomass handling, feedstock variability and seasonality. Biomass provisioning scenarios will be described for several different local contexts (Europe and Asia) 2) Adapt and streamline a patented organosolv technology for targeted biorefining of BIOCORE feedstocks and develop all necessary processing steps (including enzymatic hydrolysis and physico-chemical operations) to produce high quality cellulose, polymeric and oligomeric hemicellulose-derivatives, high quality lignins, heat and power from process residues 3) Develop multiple product manufacturing pipelines using a combination of advanced biotechnologies, chemical catalysis and thermochemical processes for the production of building block chemicals and polymers for bulk markets from sugars and lignins 4) Design a complete biorefinery concept that will describe the alternative product manufacturing pathways. This will be achieved by developing integrated flowsheets and process designs that include all of the operational units, supply chain models, and economic factors 5) Demonstrate the performance of the biorefinery through an integrated approach, producing industrial scale pilots for the biorefinery complexes that are closer to the market 6) Assess the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the biorefinery concept considering the entire value chain 7) Ensure efficient technology transfer to the energy sector, chemical and biotech industries, agro and forestry sectors, and the general public and policy makers
    Effective start/end date1/03/1028/02/14