Best markets for the exploitation of innovative sustainable food packaging solutions

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    Mypack general objective is to help sustainable food packaging technologies to reach or to extend their market. It will provide general guidelines to select the best market for a new technology and to ensure the best commercial development, through (i) the best environmental efficiency (direct impacts of packaging, food waste impacts, optimized recycling composting combusting end life, preserved consumer health), (ii) the best consumer acceptability, and (iii) an optimized industrial feasibility.In order to do so, 3 ambitious SMART key objectives with associated KPIs will be considered during the Mypack project to promote the commercial development of:- Biodegradable and compostable packaging.- Packaging from renewable resources.- Elaborated (high barrier and active) packaging technologies. Barriers and challenges are clearly identified and solutions to overcome them are presented.7 innovative sustainable food packaging solutions are considered of which 5 will be developed and exploited. The sustainable food packaging state of the art is comprehensively described and it is made clear how Mypack solutions will extend beyond it.Appropriate measures, in line with the work program, were selected to maximize the impact of the project.Mypack project targets the scope of the call throughout this proposal and is thus fully in line with the call objectives. A convincing exploitation plan is presented in the form of 7 work packages, 5 of which are technical in nature. Appropriate milestones and risks are considered in order to complete the project objectives in the due time.The Mypack consortium is composed of 18 partners, covering the academic, scientific and industrial world, including SMEs. Major stakeholders have provided letters of intent, showing their interest in the Mypack approach which will have essential impact in order to define the best markets for the exploitation of innovative sustainable food packaging solutions.
    Effective start/end date1/11/1731/10/21


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