Beoordeling Deltaprogramma m.b.v. ecologische effectvoorspellingsmodellen (HD3478) (BO-11-015-036)

  • Mol, Janet (Project Leader)

Project: EZproject

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For the subprogram freshwater within the Delta program, Deltares, KWR and Alterra work together to a common effect module for terrestrial nature. The three institutes have carried out a study in which the models of the different institutes are compared with each other and a validation of the results is planned. Partly on the basis of the first results of this study it was decided to integrate the models for the short term, with the starting point for nutrient availability and acidity by WATERNOOD of KWR is calculated, the changes in moisture and oxygen State by the moisture PROBE module of KWR, the changes in pH and nutrient richness due to climate change by VSD +-SUMO of Alterra and the effect on nature with the vegetation module PROBE of KWR.

Effective start/end date1/07/131/10/13


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