Antarctica onderzoek en CCAMLR (WOT-04-009-047.04, WOT-04-009-036, WOT-04-009-003, WOT-04-003-002)

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The Netherlands is entitled to vote in the Antarctic Treaty since 1990. Members that are entitled to vote are obliged to contribute to the Treaty with a ‘substantial and permanent research effort’ in Antarctica. The Dutch government divided these tasks over several ministries, including LNV (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality). Apart from keeping voting rights, the research aims to contribute to nature protection and management, by using the knowledge produced by the research as input in e.g. working groups and the commissions of CCAMLR (Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources). Based on the research efforts, the Netherlands became an official member of CCAMLR in 2019. The research of Wageningen Marine Research (WMR) focuses on the Antarctic food web of the seasonal sea-ice zone. This specialty is resulting in an internationally recognized significance of the Dutch research efforts for fisheries management by CCAMLR. WMR researchers play active parts in the CCAMLR working groups and Scientific Committee meetings. Project information for a general audience are available in the dossiers of Wageningen Marine Research at

Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/23


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