An integrated epidemiological and economic analysis of foot and mouth disease (FMD) for evaluating the FMD control strategies in Thailand

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Livestock production is an important economic activity and supports the food security of Thailand. Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a major constraint in livestock production development in FMD endemic areas like Thailand, especially since the farming system in Thailand is becoming more intensive. Therefore, mitigation of FMD is becoming more important. Insight on epidemiological and economic aspects of FMD control measures is needed to provide data that can be used for decision making. Often, research is either on epidemiological aspects or economic aspects. An interdisciplinary approach by integrating epidemiological model and economic model is expected to be a robust approach to evaluate the consequences and economic effects of FMD control measures. There are some examples in the scientific literature on such an approach, but these were focused on FMD free countries, where the objective of the work is a cost-minimization of the eradication activities after an outbreak of disease. Such an approach is not appropriate for endemic areas like Thailand. Very few economic studies were conducted on FMD endemic countries. However, these countries are dominated by extensive livestock production, while livestock production in Thailand is more intensive and therefore results are also not appropriate to use. The objectives of this study are to study the descriptive epidemiology of FMD in Thailand, to develop epidemiological models of FMD in Thailand, and to assess the economic impact of FMD at the farm level. All of these objectives will be used in a final objective to evaluate the economics of alternative control measures for FMD in different Thai regions.
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