All-Risk; Implementation of new risk standards in the Dutch flood protection program; Potential of Nature Based Solutions for a Resilient Delta

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Along large stretches of coastal and river dike landscapes there is a mosaic of layered functions - including nature and landscape values - in addition to the flood protection function of the dike. Concerns about the effects of climate change have set in motion a search for innovative flood defence concepts and measures. This includes the potential of Nature Based Solution for flood protection, e.g. by including a foreshore zone into the flood defence design with the objective to reduce wave attack, or to change the vegetation on the foreshore, dike or floodplains. The additional nature and landscape values may compensate for the additional land use claim of the wider dike zone or additional maintenance costs, and may also offer new opportunities to strengthen other local ambitions. Such additional functions and values, however, also impose conditions to the dike design and management. E.g. the value of a salt-marsh foreshore for nature and biodiversity requires some extra strength to allow to some extent natural dynamic geomorphological and biological processes. This project addresses the question how to apply Nature Based Solutions in the new flood risk approach, while at the same time maintaining the required safety level.
Effective start/end date11/09/1711/09/21


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