Project Details


Akkerweb has been developed as a geo-data precision agriculture platform to facilitate strategic and operational decisions at farm and field level. Examples are rotation planning to keep nematodes below damage thresholds and variable rate applications of crop management activities on individual fields. However, the collected data could potentially also be used for other purposes, which will strengthen the position of Akkerweb as a multi-purpose tool.

For many years, WecR (former LEI) has been collecting farm accountancy data as one of the legal tasks for public decision-making; an important basis for the Common Agricultural Policy. A system called BIN (Bedrijven Informatie Net) was developed for this purpose. The data is also used for various other research purposes within WecR and broader in WUR. The data is acquired from farmers on a voluntary basis. Recently, it has become more challenging to get the data from farmers for various reasons (no clear added value for the farmer, general concerns about data (mis)use, etc.)

Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19