AKIS: innovation policies (KB-16-002.05-001)

Project: EZproject

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The agricultural knowledge and innovation system stimulates systems innovation towards sustainability, and stimulates collaboration for innovation between various knowledge institutes, industry and policy makers. Whereas often focus is on evaluating single innovation policy instruments or other types of innovation support measures, these most probably interact and weaken or strengthen each others functioning. This has however not been analysed yet in an integrated way, and linked to how the 7 functions of innovation systems are realised (i.e. entrepreneurial activities, knowledge development, knowledge sharing, guidance of the search, market creation, resource mobilization and legitimacy creation). The proposed research aims to do such an integrated analysis of the working of the innovation policy mix in AKIS. The expected results include a coherent vision on the interaction between innovation policy instruments, the degree to which they can be fully planned, and how they should be formulated (inclusive agenda setting of innovation policy). Products of this project are:
  • Presentation and brochure on the acquired insight to policy makers (2013);
  • Scientific article for innovation journal Research Policy (2014).


Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/14


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