Agricultural Knowledge Systems in Transition: Towards a more effective and efficient support of Learning and Innovation Networks for Sustainable Agriculture

    Project: EU research project

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    RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The overall objective of this project is to identify effective and efficient approaches for the support of successful LINSA (Learning and Innovation Networks for Sustainable Agriculture) as drivers of transition towards Agricultural Innovation Systems for sustainable agriculture and rural development. In order to achieve this objective the project will: • Explore LINSAs empirically as bottom-up drivers of transition • Improve understanding of barriers to complex learning processes and developing recommendations on how to avoid / remove them • Create open learning spaces for actors outside the project by sharing and disseminating project findings • Identify institutional determinants that enable or constrain existing AKS in supporting effective LINSA in the context of changing knowledge and innovation policies • Develop a conceptual framework for innovation for sustainable agriculture and rural development. TOPICS The study will be carried out in 3 fields: a) consumer oriented networks ( b) non-food oriented networks and c) purely agricultural networks or networks for sustainable land use Strategic objectives • Contributing to more effective research-practice linkages in the complex innovation and value chains. • Contributing to a policy framework for innovation in agriculture
    Effective start/end date1/02/1131/01/14


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