AF17038 Snelle on-site methoden voor voedselveiligheid en authenticiteit (BO-64-001-006, BO-46-002-024)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


The project consists of five separate industry consortia (work packages, WP), each addressing sector specific challenges in on-site analyses methods.

WP1, On-site methodes for testing of allergens

Goal: Suppliers of packaged foodstuffs must provide information on the occurrence of allergens. Since December 2014, also suppliers of unpackaged food have to provide information on the presence of allergens in their products. The aim of the project is to develop a multiplex antibody-based strip test, which also allow suppliers of unpackaged foods, for example restaurants, to test their products for the presence of allergens in their kitchen or production line.

Partners: Sodexo B.V. , Marfo B.V., Bon Bon party service B.V. , Nutrilab B.V. , De Poort van Kleef B.V. , R-Biofram AG


WP2, DNA-based on-site detection of allergens

Goal: There is a need for fast and reliable DNA based methods for the multiplex detection of DNA regions that encode for known allergens. This apply not only for the mere presence specific allergens, but there for the detection of plant and animal species that are the source of these allergenic proteins. For this project, methods are developed for the detection of a range of fish, insect and plant species and their allergens using portable Nanopore sequencing.

Partner: BaseClear B.V.


WP3, Authenticity of herbs

Goal: Herbs and spices are relatively expensive products with a complex trading chain. It is technically easy to replace authentic products (partly) with cheap raw materials, especially when it comes to ground spices. Traders and retailers need a fast, on-site spectroscopic method to test the authenticity of herbs and spices. In this project, a (portable) spectroscopic (e.g. NIR) method will be developed for a number of spices which will allow spice traders or processors to distinguish authentic spices from products that have been blended with cheap low quality products.

Partners: Nedspice, Catz International B.V., Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V., Vinoscent B.V., J.S. Polak Koninklijke specerijenmaalderij B.V., McCormick Foods (UK) Ltd, Nutrilab BV.


WP4,  On-site detection of antiparasitica in milk products

Goal: Antiparasitics are chemicals that act against ecto-parasites in lifestock. A number of antiparasitics have been admitted for (milking) cattle and maximum residue limits in milk have been set for some of the substances. In this project, a multiplex method is developed for the on-site (e.g. for use on the milk lorry), and simultaneous analysis of multiple antiparasitics.

Partner: Qlip B.V.


WP5, Effective monitoring and data fusion.

Goal: On-site analyses require new ways of sampling and organization of the underlying data infrastructure. This project makes a comparative analyses of the cost efficiency of lab-based and on-site techniques. In addition, this WP examines how the various data generated in WP3 can be fused to establish an early warning system for food safety hazards or authenticity problems. Bayesian Networks will be used for this purpose.

Partners: Nedspice, Catz International B.V., Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V., Vinoscent B.V., J.S. Polak Koninklijke specerijenmaalderij B.V., McCormick Foods (UK) Ltd.

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/21