AF15263 Harness bacterial platform for mono- and diterpene production (BO-57-001-004, BO-44-002-001, BO-21.04-002-005)

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Extending and rebuilding the platform

The Isobionics production platform can further be extended to either isoprenoids; mono-terpenes and di-terpenes, increasing the economic value of the platform tremendously. Even more, the produced fermentative f&f products can be converted into other products valuable to the f&f industry by an enzymatic oxidation process.

For the Isobionics bio based production platform to be able to produce mono-terpenes and diterpenes, the basics of the platform have to be reviewed/rebuilt. To further boost the economic potential of the platform, oxidation techniques will generate additional f&f products from the fermentative produced products.

This project aims to - make the platform ready for these mono-terpenes and di-terpenes and - develop enzymatic oxidation techniques to boost the economic potential of the Isobionics production platform.


Results up to 2018

An important goal of the PPS is to engineer the bacterial platform (Rhodobacter) in such a way that it can produce novel product categories. Normally the platform is applied to make C15 terpenes (sesquiterpenes), but in this project we try to tweak it to produce C10 terpenes (monoterpenes) or C20 terpenes.

In 2018 we have succeeded in improving the yield of monoterpenes in Rhodobacter. In 2017 we produced barely detectable traces of the monoterpene limonene; after 2018 we reach 100 mg/L. Although these are not yet commercially interesting quantities, important conclusions can be drawn from this step forward, which will enable the further increase of product titre.

In 2018 we have, for the first time, produced diterpenes in Rhodobacter. The Rhodobacter system for producing the diterpene sclareol was very productive and reached near-commercial titres. Here we need to diversify the terpene synthases applied in the system, in order to investigate the effect of diterpene synthase identity in the efficiency of the production. In monoterpene production, monoterpene synthase identity is extremely important.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/21


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