AF15210 Soluble biobased support structures for printing applications (BO-44-002-003, BO-21.04-002-008)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


The objective of this project is to use agricultural raw materials to develop bio-based support structures for 3D printing. The intended outcome of the project is a proof of concept where bio-based materials are used as support materials in 3D printing.

 Due to the special requirements imposed on these support structures, it makes them especially suitable for replacement by bio- based materials:

  • Environmental benefit: Traditional support materials generate chemical waste (or use solvents to remove them) which is hard or impossible to re-use or recycle. Bio-based support materials can be bio-compostable/degradable;
  • Cost benefit: Bio-based support materials  based on low cost agricultural feedstock generate a cost advantage;
  • Functional benefit: Bio-based support materials offer good opportunities to develop water soluble  support structures;


It is expected that after showing a successful proof of concept, the project results can be translated into the design of functional products, economical scaling up and commercial introduction of new performance materials in the 3D digital printing domain.

The scope of the project is an extensive feasibility study without detailing the many technology aspects. Focus is on support structure materials and their primary functions such as jettability, offering support and renewability

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/19