AF14322 AlgaeLinkages (BO-57-001-014, BO-44-002-002, BO-27.04-001-016)

Project: EZproject

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Microalgae are able to produce large amounts of oil containing essential. Addition of this biomass, which contains next to omega-3 fatty acids other health-improving components, to chicken feed will both benefit the health of the chicken and the final human consumer of the enriched egg.

Within this project full integration of all process steps in this complete agrifood chain will be performed obtaining long term field results on growing microalgae on greenhouse drain water. Dutch knowledge on microalgae cultivation, further processing and feed conversion rates and value for poultry will be implemented in the climatologically favourable Mexico where the need exists to alleviate problems regarding to drain water emission and water shortage. Moreover, the added value of microalgal based feed products for poultry with regard to increased health of the hens and their eggs will be confirmed.

Microalgae pilot plants will be tested using greenhouse drain water at different locations in central Mexico. The produced microalgal biomass will be used in the Netherlands as poultry feed, to study in vitro and in vivo the digestibility and health of laying hens, and the enrichment of the eggs with omega-3 fatty acids will be determined. The created additional value compared to existing poultry feed will be determined, for the current market and the possible future markets.

Finishing this project a sustainable process for feed production from microalgae on drain water is demonstrated at pilot scale. Biomass valorization will be optimized and the feed value and conversion rate of the biomass for poultry will be known. Once proven successful and economically feasible the sustainable approach used in this project can be replicated in Mexico, the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Projectpartners: Finca Ahuehuetes, Rancho Medio kilo, Rondeel BV, S.A. de C.V., Schothorst Feed Research SFR, S de PR de RL RMK, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro UAQ, Van Hall Larenstein, Wageningen Research & Wageningen University

Effective start/end date1/01/1531/12/21