The European Joint Programme (EJP) (One Health Zoonoses Emerging Threats, SFS-36-2017) is a CoFund action under the European Commissions European Joint Programme within the H2020 Framework Programme. 50% will be funded by the Commission on top of 50% Member state funding. Each Ms will fund this project preferably via regular programs of National reference laboratories in the human and animal disease domain.

One Health EJP aims at creating a network that will deal with zoonosis with an emphasis on zoonotic food-borne infections, antimicrobial resistance and emerging threats. The context of the project fits in the holistic and transdisciplinary One Health approach, i.e. involving human health, animal health, food safety and environmental health.

In the Netherlands, RIVM and WBVR are beneficiaries. The NCOH partners Utrecht University (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), Wageningen University, Erasmus MC and UMC Utrecht are participating as Third Parties. This will strongly support the collaboration between the Dutch Partners, working together in joint integrative projects and joint research projects within the One Health EJP.

Dit specifieke onderdeel gaat over de overkoepelende coördinerende activiteiten. Zowel Wim van der Poel als Hendrik-Jan Roest zitten in het program management team. Wim van der Poel is deputy WP leader voor het work package education (WP6); Hendrik-Jan Roest is deputy WP leader voor de joint research projects (WP3). Op deze manier is Nederland en het NCOH goed vertegenwoordigd in de organisatie van het One Health EJP.

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/19