AF-EU-17025 TRANSVAC2 (BO-47-002-020, BO-22.04-006-020)

Project: EZproject

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Vaccines belong to the most powerful infection prevention strategies in farm animals and also in man. The EU strives to accelerate the process of vaccine development  by supporting the accessibility of important, specific infrastructures for research, academia and industry. Transvac2 is a collaboration-based infrastructure programme bringing together Europes leading vaccine research institutes. It unites and strengthens existing European and national vaccine development programmes. It covers in a one-health approach the veterinary vaccine development field as well as human vaccine development. This infrastructure programme consists of three pillars, i.e a) research activities in the partner institutes to increase competencies and knowledge on specific aspects in the vaccine development course, b) network activities to strengthen collaboration and harmonization between approaches and systems and c) transnational access, where the use of the infrastructure and the collaboration between programme partners and external research groups seeking specific expertise is facilitated. Wageningen Bioveterinary Research contributes with the specific knowledge in one-health problems and its unique facilities for studies on vaccine safety, immunogenicity and efficacy in farm animals and the extended expertise in farm animal pathology and immunology in this programme.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18