Advanced Multi-Constellation EGNSS Augmentation and Monitoring Network and its Application in Precision Agriculture

    Project: EU research project

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    The goal of AUDITOR is the implementation of novel precise-positioning techniques based on augmentation data in custom
    GNSS receivers to improve the performance of current augmentation services and reducing costs. These techniques are
    already patented by the consortium and proven to offer better accuracy with faster convergence times than solutions
    commercially available. More sophisticated atmospheric models will be implemented to provide better corrections of
    ionospheric errors and further increase accuracy. All these advances will be integrated in a software demonstrator that will
    use public data from GNSS networks to generate these correction data streams. These new receivers will enable cost-effective precision agriculture services to farmers, especially those with small and medium-sized businesses in areas of Europe.
    The custom dual-frequency receiver module will follow an innovative approach by porting a GNSS software-defined receiver
    to an embedded system that will integrate hardware accelerators to enable real-time operation in a low power system. The
    form factor and capabilities of the resulting receiver will be comparable to those of existing professional receivers in the
    market, while retaining all the advantages of software receivers: modularity, scalability, upgradability, and flexibility. Besides
    providing multi-frequency multi-constellation support, this advanced receiver will allow very low level access to key internals
    even at sample level, enabling the integration of other complementary techniques like interference analysis and monitoring
    or authentication using remote servers for encrypted bands. The fact that the software layer will be the evolution of an existing
    and successful open-source project, GNSS-SDR, will allow GNSS developers and researchers to customize the code of the
    receiver to tailor it to their own applications or test their algorithms using this flexible receiver module, from reflectometry to
    ultra-tight coupled GNSS/INS systems.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1630/06/18